West Auburn School

The city of Auburn's last one room schoolhouse

It was the first school in "Minot East Village", which is now present day West Auburn. It was originally located near the intersection of the West and North Auburn Roads. It was demolished and a new building was built further down West Auburn Road on the Craft's farm. In 1858, Zibeon Crafts, who owned 300 acres of land, deeded land to the town of Auburn for the sum of $40 with the understanding that the land would be used as a site for the school.

The building was hauled by 6 yoke oxen a quarter mile to the new location at the corner of what is now Boothby Street and West Auburn Road. The school was in use until 1950 and eventually closed as it gradually fell in disrepair. In 1971, Auburn Heritage, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of historic sites, held a ceremony designating the schoolhouse a historic building and one to be preserved. However, because of the lack of funds the efforts to preserve it did not succeed.

In 1991, the Auburn City Council announced its intentions to dispose of the school. George Anthony, a resident of West Auburn, recognized the historic value of the school and became the chief catalyst in the formation of the West Auburn School Historical Society in 1992.

The Auburn City Council sold the building to the Historical Society for $1.00 with the understanding that the school would be renovated. Many individuals, volunteers and students went on the play key roles in caring for the building and grounds. Over time, contributions poured in and donations reached $30,000 . On October 14, 1994, two years after officials recommended that the building be razed, there was a grand reopening of the school.

Today, the school is under the care and ownership of the Androscoggin Historical Society. It is a living history center where school children and adults can visit and experience and 1850's school day. The school building is currently being assessed for eligibility for placement on the National Register of Historic Places. It is available for public and private tours and rental. Contact the Androscoggin Historical Society at 784-0586 or info@androhist.org for more information.

Your donation will help the Society bring special presentations and maintain its priceless collection of photos, books, maps, and many artifacts that are made accessible to schools and the public.

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