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Historic Lewiston Series -

The Grange at Crowley's Junction

A fascinating look at the importance of this historic Lewiston gathering place.



Fractured Family - Fighting in the Maine Courts

The story of an unfortunate family rivalry using the court in an attempt to settle their issues.



Lewiston Politics in the Gilded Age 1863-1900

A case study of a small community that faced the issues of industrialization, urbanization, and ethnic absorption. $32.50


When Presidents and Hopefuls Came to Town

This compilation describes the visits to Lewiston and Auburn of presidents, future and former presidents, candidates and nominees. $11.95


Faces from the Civil War

Androscoggin County stories from the bloodiest conflict in American history.




Lewiston and Auburn Railroad Company

A detailed and interesting look at the history of the Lewiston and Auburn Railroad Company. $22.50





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