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Dear Parent - A Biography and Letters of Edward Little

by Douglas I. Hodgkin

















This full-length biography of Edward Little (1773-1849) details his early career as a businessman, lawyer, and politician in Newburyport, Massachusetts, until two disasters resulted in massive debt. He then went to Portland, Maine, to manage the business affairs of his father and of the Pejepscot Proprietors' land company. Finally, at the age of fifty-three, he settled in Danville, now Auburn, Maine, where he founded what became Edward Little High School. Less well known is the role of the Little family in founding a church, bridges, railroads, and the mills at the falls, until the latter were taken over by Boston-based investors. This is the story of a remarkable life.

This book also contains the letters that Edward Little addressed to "Dear Parent," his father, Josiah, that are owned by the Androscoggin Historical Society. They depict the early conditions in the devel­opment of the Androscoggin Valley, relations between the Littles and the settlers, and the relations among the Little family themselves. This provides a fascinating look at life in a rural Maine settlement.

Softcover $22.00


Alnộbak - A Story of Indigenous People of Androscoggin County

A pictorial sesquicentennial history, 1854-2004. This book documents a few of the Indian people who have actively participated in the last 200 years of our areas history.

Hardcover $8.49

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Androscoggin County, Maine

A pictorial sesquicentennial history, 1854-2004. 192 pages of interesting photos and heritage details written by local historians. Includes a 16-page color section, "County Gallery"

Hardcover $11.95

Adventures in Maine History

A guide to period houses, museums, and collections of Maine's historical societies.


Historic Lewiston Series -

Its Government

The beginnings of the city's government and includes the biography of its mayors from 1863 to 1980. $6.75



Historic Lewiston Series -

Its Fire Department

Published in 1989, it covers early firefighting to modern communications systems.



Historic Lewiston Series -

Bales to Bedspreads

A pictorial account of the processes used by Bates Manufacturing Company.





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